Reach workshops are for anyone aged 10-18.

They're 100% youth-led which means they’re always relevant for you. Workshops are available at Reach hubs and in schools and communities in VIC and NSW.


Tell us who you are and we'll show you the workshops best for you.

About Workshops

Anyone who wants to get more out of life is welcome at Reach.

We run workshops in schools and communities in VIC and NSW.

Different workshops are available for students and groups. These range from 90-minute school workshops to more intensive after-school workshops and weekends away.

Reach workshops are for anyone aged 10-18 years of age (with a few special workshops for parents and teachers).


Resources for parents to support their young person to get the most from their experience at Reach.



Resources to support schools and students to get the most from Reach workshops.


What People Say About Us

Don't take our word for it. Find out why people like you come along to Reach workshops and how it's changed stuff for them.

"I just wanted you to know that I was really touched yesterday as I drove Jasper home from school and he spoke SO highly about his first Reach session at Elsternwick Primary.

He gave it a 10 out of 10 and said his class LOVED it. It also helped Jas open up with me re: some things going on for him which speaks volumes."  Sanna, Parent, Rookys participant

"Students are taken through a variety of situations where they need to rely on, trust and co-operate with each other." Robyn, Grade 5 Teacher

"It’s about showing who you really are on the inside!" Chanel, Grade 5

"It’s made a very big change in my life.  I hope next year’s Grade 5s get to experience the same thing I did!" Angelique, Grade 6

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"Inspiring, inspirational and emotionally charged.   Perfectly pitched for this age group."  Paul, Secondary School Teacher

"It made me really open my eyes wider to the world and people around me." Anahita, 15

"I never realised how much respect other people held for me." Cassie, 17

"Today I had my first Reach workshop and have never felt more accepted or happy in my life." Corey, 17

"One of the best programs I have attended.  It changed my perspective on how to handle things, and given me a lot of confidence." Teaghan, 15

"Reach allowed us to open up to one another and push us through the usual obstructions of self-doubt and judgment." Evangelia, 14

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"Today was the best experience I’ve ever had. It taught me so much about myself and what direction to head in life."  Jamal, 16

"Everyone was so willing to share things about themselves.  It made me feel better." Lizzie, 15

"I can’t stop thinking about the experience I had.  You have inspired me to help others." Annalise, 16

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"Easily the best thing I’ve ever done."  Jana, 16

"After my first session, I was hooked.  Reach accepts you for who you are." Katti, 16

"I was able to share my thoughts in a safe space and meet some wonderful and accepting people." Matthew, 15

"I'm more confident and I respect myself and my feelings more." Jade, 14

"[Fused] made me think about my life, what I want out of it, what I want to do, & the impact of people around me."  Jordan, 15

"It helped me figure out where I’m going in life."  Jordyn, 16

"It changed my life." Tom, 17

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"What a challenging, affirmative and educative experience. My passion and enthusiasm has been re-ignited!" Anne, Secondary School Teacher, Frankston

"Thank you for allowing me to take the first step in making a real difference to some of our young people." Kylie, Secondary School Teacher, Dromana

"The best PD I have been involved in for 30 years." John, Primary School Teacher, Seaford North

"I see the importance of what Reach does…by supporting [students’] wellbeing, you make them emotionally available for learning." Shelly, Secondary School Teacher, Alice Springs

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"I felt like I could say whatever I wanted and not be judged." Liam, 15

"Reach has made me realise I am strong, I can change the world and I deserve to be happy." Maddie, 16

"I had the chance to open up and tell my story."  Alex, 17

"It was quite an emotional experience. It definitely changed my life for the better."  Tash, 14

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"I can't stop thinking about the experience I've had.  You have inspired me to help others." Annalise, 16


"Leadership Day gave me so much to take into my day-to-day life." Sarah, 15

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"It’s given me so much advice to take into my day to day life." Sienna, 15

"It gave me a chance to meet new people and figure out what I want from life." Sarah, 17

"It’s made me even more keen to pursue my goals." Robert, 16

"Best. Camp. Ever." Heidi, 14

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"The conversations we had were insightful and I learnt so much about myself and others." Darcy, 16

"It’s changed my perspective on life and how I see things." Teresa, 15

"I shared some of my personal experiences, and afterwards I felt so relieved." Kim, 16

"It’s made me more confident and I feel more motivated with life." Jordy, 15

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I found the family I’ve been waiting for for 15 years. Darcy, 16

I learned to not give up on myself - I can push through whatever I want. George, 15

It helped me find who I really was. Levi, 16

I’ve learnt so much about myself. I’ve gotten to know other people. I had a mad time! Nadia, 17

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