Breakfast isn't too early to have an honest conversation.


They’re the children of baby boomers. They’re true multi-taskers. They’re attracted to diverse environments. They travel and they explore. They will rarely be confined.

They have the most educated mothers of any generation before them - but what does this mean?
Constantly connected is the only way Millennials have ever known – but are they too connected?
Knowledge is power – but has power been redefined?
Do they lead, or do they follow?

This November join The Reach Foundation to discover, challenge and connect to uncover what really defines a Millennial and what makes them tick…

“We hadn’t been to a Reach Breakfast before but we hope this will be the first of many.

The difference between this function and many others is that the Breakfast actually stays with you, not just on the day itself, but for many days, months, years to follow.”


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For 21 years, around 600 business leaders and celebrities from both Melbourne and interstate have been rising before the sun to attend the annual Reach Corporate Breakfast.

Based on a different theme every year, the breakfast never fails to be a uniquely engaging and thought-provoking fundraising event.

View this year’s breakfast sponsorship prospectus here and send your sponsorship application to to register your interest.



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