With Reach you can make a positive difference in the lives of young people.

Current Vacancies

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Our Values

Check out our core Reach values – which guide everything we do.

  • GROWTH means challenging ourselves to explore the unknown and break out of our comfort zones.
  • INTEGRITY means aligning our words and actions.
  • PASSION means demonstrating heart, fire, inspiration and strength in everything we do.
  • HONESTY means being authentic and open with the courage to speak from our heart.
  • CONNECTION means engaging with trust, understanding and vulnerability

At Reach, we commit to supporting, encouraging, and challenging each other to live our values so we can achieve individual and organisational greatness!

Jade Crew

Why Work at Reach?

Join us – We are an inspirational and dynamic youth not-for-profit organisation that maintains a strong youth voice throughout our organisation.

Reach has a vibrant and collaborative culture where people are energetic and passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people to help them reach their full potential.
At Reach, we encourage our people to develop skills and to grow within the organisation. Also, our people have access to a range of competitive staff benefits and the opportunity to work in a creative and fun workplace with like-minded people working both independently and as part of a team.

Overall, we are constantly striving to encourage our own people and all young people, no matter what their circumstances, to achieve their dreams.

  • We value people being real and honest with each other.
  • We encourage people to think about and do things differently.
  • Reach is a strong and well-known brand in the not-for-profit sector with the support of large corporate partners.
  • We are a progressive employer which embraces diversity and equality.
  • Reach is built on a positive youth development model, promoting well-being by creating safe and supportive spaces where young people can share their stories and experiences, improve their self-awareness and build deeper, more meaningful connections.
  • Our workplaces are creative and vibrant.
  • Reach has a “young energy”.
  • Staff, volunteers and visitors find Reach to be a warm and friendly environment.
  • Our workplace vibe is fun with a lot of laughter, music and fun activities in the office. 
  • There are fun opportunities with other employees at camps and internal training sessions.
  • Our open plan offices enable good contact and easy access to other employees.
  • We encourage people to follow their dreams, no matter what their circumstances.
  • Reach encourages individuals to develop skills, careers and growth within the organisation.
  • There are growth opportunities for crew and volunteers with suitable skills and experience to progress to staff roles.
  • Employees are encouraged to be authentic and to be open with others.
  • Our people are young at heart with lots of energy, enthusiasm and drive.
  • Reach people are like-minded in terms of their interest in helping people to realise their full potential.
  • We have a collaborative and supportive culture with ongoing celebrations and activities.
  • There are opportunities to be creative at Reach, and creative things happen around you all of the time.
  • Reach feels very much like working within a family business with family and friends.
  • Reach’s culture is vibrant and collaborative, and is built around the Reach values – Growth, Integrity, Passion, Honesty, Connection and Respect.
  • Our environment is very collaborative.
  • Supportive peers and managers frequently celebrate small wins and group success.
  • Managers are supportive of employee’s personal and professional goals.
  • Managers are responsive to employee’s ideas and issues.
  • Good communication systems enable employees to know what is happening at all levels of the organisation.
  • Salary packaging increases the take home cash for staff via general expenses, meal and travel and hire, lease and entertainment packaging options.
  • Our Employee Assistance Program offers free, confidential counselling for staff and their family members. 
  • We support good work-life balance for our people.
  • We have a number of flexible work arrangements: for example, self-funded leave (up to extra 4 weeks per year; compressed work week; part-time roles).
  • Paid study leave is available to our staff.
  • We have a staff learning program for work-related development.
  • Our staff can attend Reach programs.
  • Our managers are supportive surrounding return-to-work following maternity leave.
  • Reach offices (VIC and NSW) are easily accessible via transport links and close to shops and cafes.